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The Quest to Perfect the Sticky Bun.

Through the years of cooking and baking I have learned not to get too frustrated, if I don’t get the dessert right the first time. Practice makes as close to perfect as one will ever get.  At the shop we rarely make desserts that have yeast because it requires precise timing and the dough waits for no one.  So, when that dough is finally proofed to perfection, that oven better be fired up with a space or two waiting. I did find a way to shorten the proof time by a total of 2 1/2 hours.  I will be certain to share that in the next post.

One dessert that eluded me for many years was the sticky bun.  I had been making sticky buns for years and even with my Aunt Lena’s recipe, they were never quite as good as hers .  It is the same

Aunt Lena's Sticky Bun

thing for my dad’s potato salad.  I used to make it when I was in college and my roommates loved it, but I would always say that it is not my dad’s potato salad.  They had no point of reference, but I grew up with it.  Don’t get me wrong, I thought my potato salad was good, but not as good as my dad’s.  It is that slight of hand that makes the difference.

I asked my cousin for his’ mom recipe again because through the years of trying to perfect the sticky bun, I had changed the recipe so many times that I needed to get back to the original recipe. I stopped over thinking it and let the flavors remain very simple.  To my surprise, my dad, who is one of my most honest and harshest critics, said that they were great.  All of us at the shop were also happy with the outcome. The sticky bun is so simple, yet so complex and truly delicious.

For any frustrated pastry chefs or culinary chefs at home, as I had to remind myself,  don’t over think what you are doing, trust your instincts.


3 thoughts on “The Quest to Perfect the Sticky Bun.”

    1. Hi Sherry,

      I am sorry for the delay in my response. We typically make sticky buns and cinnamon buns, but there is no specific schedule. We do update facebook a few days before and we will post when they are out of the oven. We also make homemade doughnuts that are cinnamon covered or dipped in a white chocolate or dark chocolate glaze.

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